Contract vs. Full-time

Contract vs. Full-time

Both contract and full time employment can be great ways to build your career. Which approach is better depends on your situation, goals and preferences. Infotek offers both career paths to applicants.

First, the basic differences:


  • Paid only for hours worked on project
  • Not paid for statutory holidays or vacation
  • Responsible for CPP, health benefits
  • Responsible for calculating and remitting taxes
  • Responsible for locating next project
  • Not eligible for EI
  • Can be off work for extended periods
  • Supplies own equipment
  • Some potential tax benefits
  • Cash received can be higher
  • Greater ability to customize work periods
  • Ability to choose projects
  • Can develop specialization(s)
  • Requires discipline for success
  • Requires financial discipline & planning



  • Paid for standard hours whether on project or not
  • Paid sick time, statutory holiday and vacations
  • CPP, health benefits partially paid by company
  • Company collects and remits taxes
  • Company decides projects
  • Eligible for EI
  • More stable employment
  • Company supplies equipment
  • Some potential company “perks”
  • Company pays number of hidden tax, benefit costs Company sponsored learning & training
  • Work within team structure / company culture
  • Greater support available
  • Requires ability to adapt to company culture
  • Requires ability to work with team


While not absolutely necessary for contracting, becoming incorporated is highly recommended. We also recommend obtaining financial planning and operational advice or conducting extensive research and reading on your own.

Contracting can allow you to become a highly-paid expert with a high degree of freedom but it requires discipline. Discipline to study and become an expert; discipline to continue to learn new professional skills and stay current; discipline to plan for and save for taxes, discipline to put aside monies for benefit plans and reserves for non-working time.

Full time employment can mean less stress and more stability (although less certain than in the past) but it means giving up some degree of independence to your employer. The critical thing here is to find an employer whose culture, direction and opportunities are a good fit for you.