Recycling, Environmental & Greenhouse Gas Emission Policy

Recycling, Environmental & Greenhouse Gas Emission Policy


Commitment to a Sustainable Environment

Infotek Consulting is committed to the environment and our company is taking action to maintain and improve the environment. We have implemented environmental policies that encourage recycling, going green, utilizing public transportation, reducing waste, and many other facets of creating a sustainable environment. We encourage our suppliers to undertake similar efforts where possible.


Overview of the Environmental Policy

As a company committed to the earth and our environment, the firm abides by a strict recycling policy. This policy encourages the following:

    • Recycling
    • Source reduction
    • Identifying and sourcing environmentally friendly materials
    • Encouraging employees and contractors to use public transit, alternative means of transport, or car-pooling



The primary inputs and outputs for our company are paper, personal transportation and energy. A key element of reducing our impact on the environment is to reduce our inputs and outputs to only those elements necessary.



Wherever such facilities are available staff and consultants should make full use of recycling and composting programs.



Where possible we should reuse equipment, furniture, and other inputs wherever possible. This includes expending reasonable efforts to repair and reuse all equipment and furniture.



Wherever possible, we should purchase inputs from “green” sources provided that such products fully meet our standards and are cost effective (within say 10%) of other “non-green” sources.


Air Emissions and Wastewater Control

As Infotek provides services and operates only in an office environment, we rely on the building and municipal authorities to provide control of our air emissions and wastewater control. To ensure that toxic, hazardous or other inappropriate material is not introduced into these waste streams all Infotek employees and agents are reminded to dispose of any materials in the appropriate manner and not to introduce toxic, hazardous or other inappropriate material into these waste steams.



At this time, Infotek’s size and limited environmental footprint does not warrant on-going measurement of its environmental impact and reduction efforts. As we grow, we will regularly revisit the issue of measurement and at the appropriate time move to a position of measuring both our impact and the results of our reduction initiatives and publishing this information.

Details of our full policy, of our submissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) are available upon request.