Harassment & Violence Policy

Harassment & Violence Policy


Prevention of Harassment and Violence in the Workplace

Infotek Consulting, its employees and independent contractors shall treat all employees, independent contractors, applicants, vendors, business associates, customers and customer staff with respect and dignity.

Infotek Consulting is committed to conducting all its affairs with fairness and equity and fostering a unique and inclusive culture by providing a safe and respectful work environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, violence and other unacceptable behavior. In support of this commitment:

    • Infotek Consulting will not condone, tolerate, or ignore any harassment or discrimination on any ground protected by applicable law. Should you believe you are being harassed or discriminated against, you should report the matter to your Infotek Consulting manager or resource manager as soon as possible.
    • Should the behaviour continue, or you feel unable to deal directly with the individual, or if it involves a client staff member, then you should contact your supervisor at Infotek Consulting.
    • If the supervisor, is the person involved, then you should contact either the Director in whose area the supervisor works, or if necessary or no action is taken to one of the Directors or Vice-Presidents of Infotek Consulting.
    • Infotek Consulting will not condone, tolerate, or ignore violence or threats of violence.


Definition of Harassment

The following examples illustrate what tribunals and courts have held to constitute harassment. It is not exhaustive.

    • Sexually oriented comments and unwelcome sexual remarks, advances, and solicitations
    • Unwelcome comments about an individual’s physical characteristics or mannerisms related to the individual’s disability, race, ethnicity, accent, clothes, religion, customs, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
    • Leering or inappropriate staring
    • Suggestive remarks, demands or propositions for dates or intimacy
    • Practical jokes, teasing, innuendo, or comments of a sexual, racial nature, etc.
    • Displaying of sexually, racially etc. offensive pictures, graffiti, posters, calendars or other materials
    • Questions, discussions or bragging about sexual activities
    • Paternalism which a person feels undermines their self-respect or position of authority
    • Inappropriate comments (written or verbal), including gossiping or rumour-mongering
    • Physical or verbal taunting, threats or abuse
    • Unwelcome physical contact, including touching or hugging


Process for Reporting Potential Discrimination or Harassment Issues

The following are the suggested steps to follow when a discrimination or harassment issue arises:

    • Make it known that the comment/conduct is unwelcome: If you feel comfortable doing so, tell the individual responsible for the inappropriate comments or conduct that the behaviour is unwelcome.
    • Infotek Consulting recognizes that power imbalances may make it difficult to do so and that “keeping quiet” does not mean the recipient accepts or agrees with the inappropriate behaviour
    • Remember the importance of confidentiality, for everyone. Since allegations of unacceptable or unprofessional behaviour are serious, it is in the interest of everyone that the issues be addressed privately and confidentially.
    • It is important to document your experience. Your notes should include:
      • What happened – describe the event(s) or situation(s)
      • Note the date(s), time(s) and place(s) the incident(s) occurred
      • Who saw what happened – names of witnesses, if any
      • Indicate your response, if any
      • Always date your notes and write them as close in time to the event(s) as possible
    • Bring the incident to the attention of your Account Manager or Resource Manager or supervisor at Infotek Consulting. If these individuals are involved in the incident, contact a Director or Vice-President of Infotek Consulting.

It is to be remembered that Infotek Consulting’s e-mail system is not confidential within Infotek Consulting and therefore individuals should refrain from sharing information or concerns on harassment/discrimination-related issues over the e-mail network.