Process from candidate’s POV

Process from candidate’s POV

There are several steps in working with Infotek to obtain either a contract or a permanent position.


1. We contact you.

      • We will contact you about your potential interest in an open or upcoming position.
      • You were either referred to us by someone you know or your resume was found on a public site.
      • You may be contacted by phone, text or email.
      • You can indicate your interest, decline this position but ask to be kept in our database, or, request no further contact.


2. You contact us.

      • It may be with respect to a specific opportunity or around general opportunities.
      • If a specific opportunity be sure to use the position number or position name.
      • You can submit your resume via our web site (preferred) or email it to us.


3. You will be assigned a Resource Manager (RM) who will be your primary contact. A Marketing Manager may also contact you with respect to the opportunity.

4. You will be asked to submit a resume if you have not already done so.

5. You will be interviewed by phone and if that is successful asked to come to our office for 2-4 interviews. These interviews will include experience, behavioural and technical questions.

6. You may be requested to complete a technical test.

7. You will be asked to formally agree to representation by us. Agreeing to representation is necessary before we can submit you name to a position.

8. You may be asked to customize or revise your resume for the position in question.

9. Depending on the client’s timeframe you will be notified (within 1 to 10 days) if you were successful in obtaining an interview with the client.

10. You RM will assist you to prepare for the client interview.

11. When the client provides feedback, we will provide this feedback to you — both in terms of success and also any deficiencies or issues that may have been identified in the interview.

12. We will request permission to keep your resume in our database for future positions. You will be contacted again before your resume is submitted to another position.

13. If successful, you will be asked to come in and complete our standard contract. You will also be provided with on-boarding information for Infotek and for the client at which you will be working.