Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity Policy

Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity Policy


Our Policy

Infotek Consulting is committed to encouraging a supportive and inclusive culture in our company and amongst our workforce. It is in our best interest to promote diversity and eliminate discrimination in the workplace.

Our aim is to ensure all employees and job applicants are given equal opportunity and that our organization is representative of all sections of society. Each employee will be respected, valued and able to give his or her best as a result.

We are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. All employees and consultants no matter whether they are part-time, full-time, temporary, or independent, will be treated fairly and with respect. When Infotek Consulting selects candidates for employment, placement, promotion, training, or any other benefit, it will be on the basis of their aptitude and ability.

All employees will be given help and encouragement to develop their full potential and utilize their unique talents.

Our Commitments

    • To create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all team members are recognized and valued.
    • To create a working environment that promotes dignity and respect for every employee.
    • To provide to the greatest extent possible access to safe, inclusive, and accessible physical office space.
    • To not tolerate any form of intimidation, bullying or harassment and to discipline those who breach this policy.
    • To make training, development, and progression opportunities available to all staff based on merit.
    • To ensure women represent at least 40% of the leadership team.
    • To encourage employees to treat everyone with dignity and respect.


Respect for Diversity and Inclusivity

Infotek Consulting, its employees and independent contractors shall treat all employees, independent contractors, applicants, vendors, business associates, customers and customer staff with respect and dignity.

Infotek Consulting is committed to conducting all its affairs with fairness and equity and fostering a unique and inclusive culture by providing a safe and respectful work environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, violence and other unacceptable behavior.


Infotek Consulting will hire, retain, promote, compensate, and provide terms, conditions, and privileges of employment solely on the basis of the company’s human resources requirements and each person’s qualifications.

We have an obligation to our clients to realistically determine their needs for consultants and to select the best qualified available people to handle their business.

In fulfilling our obligations, Infotek Consulting will not practice, tolerate, nor condone discrimination because of age, race, ancestry, place of origin, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or disability.

We shall comply at all times with the letter and the spirit of all federal, provincial and local laws pertaining to employment.